Microsoft Power Platform

TeamCentral offers intelligent integration for the Microsoft Power Platform with the Central Integration Platform’s suite of pre-built connectors.

The Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of low-code tools designed to empower organizations to automate processes, analyze data, and build solutions efficiently. It includes Power BI for data analytics, Power Apps for app development, Power Automate for workflow automation, and Power Pages for website creation. These tools enable users to connect and transform business data, automate processes, and build custom apps and websites with little to no coding required, fostering innovation and efficiency across the business.

For more information, you can visit the Microsoft Power Platform website.

Central is an intelligent integration automation platform that connects systems, data, and workflows to boost productivity and growth for businesses.

The Central integration platform is made for business leaders and department heads struggling with disconnected systems, repetitive administrative work, and lack of visibility into workflows. It offers intelligent automation to maximize productivity, free up employees for higher-value work, and enhance data sharing for more informed decision making.

For more details, visit the TeamCentral website.