The “Central” Nervous System of your business.

Just as your central nervous system controls every aspect of your body, Central products become like the brains of your business. A critical component to maintaining and improving your daily operations.

Getting Started is Simple!

A Central Expert runs a free 2 day assessment of your current architecture, pain points, and system requirements.

We work with your team to pick the correct starting point, configure the product, and connect in your data.

We launch and provide you a dedicated support team.

Central Platform

Data Syncs

Real time data synchronization of the core entities that run your business…Employees, Customers, Products, Orders, and more.


Orchestrate complex integration logic across systems. Excellent compliment to human centered business process products like Microsoft Power Automate.

Business Rules

No Code solution for data filtering, routing, and field mappings.

Entity Cross References

Data Management solution that links your data across systems.  Critical feature for overall data architecture for integration purposes as well as Data Warehouse and Reporting needs.

API Gateway

Bring SaaS data into your own apps, portals, and intranets. One API for all your corporate applications.

Sales Assistant

Microsoft Teams Bot

Use voice and text commands to access everything you need about your customers.

360° Customer View

Every bit of customer information both from your internal systems and available on the web all in one spot and on demand. Eliminate thousands of hours of research time for your prospecting and customer experience teams.

Sales News

New Leads, Wins, Losses, KPI’s…stay in the know in seconds each day about everything that is happening across your region or product line.


Reminders to thank a loyal customer, follow up on late invoice, prepare for an upcoming meeting, add notes for a past meeting, and many more.

Increase CRM Value

Why do CRM implementations often fail…bad or incomplete data. Compile as much data about your customers all in one place and get more out of your CRM investments. 

Project Assistant

Microsoft Teams Bot

Use voice and text commands to query information about the status and health of your projects.


Reminders that you need to submit your time, your resources are over utilized, or the project is trending off budget.

Data Entry

Accurate data is critical to the success of a project. Let Central streamline all of the critical data capture for your project, things like Time Entry and Closing out your projects.